Thursday, October 2, 2008

In memory of a friend Christina T. (10-01-08)

My Dear Friend Christina,

I miss you so much, my heart aches that I will never get to see you again. I know how much pain you were in and I hope you are finally at peace. I am so angry at you, and then again I am so angry at this selfish disease! My heart is broken and I cry for you now because you no longer have the chance to find the happiness on this earth you so richly deserved. You were such a truly beautiful woman and I will miss our friendship. You made me laugh so much. I loved the silly games we used to play with Ansly when we hid Jesus all over the apartment, our late night smokes and coffee when we had you up way past your 9:30p.m. bed time, and our scary trip to the SLAA meeting when we realized we were in a room full of sex addicts and i was wearing my pajamas and slippers. I posted this picture of the Bunny tree from outside of our apartment, the last place, I believe, you were truly happy. Honey, I was really blessed to have known you for a while, I hope you know that wherever you are. I have a year of sobriety now, I know you would be so proud of me. Thank you for holding my hand and walking this walk with me. You were a mirror for me and have helped me stay sober in ways you probably never knew. I hope you are out of pain my sweet friend. I know how hard you fought and as mad as I am at you for ending it, I forgive you. It wasn't you it was your alcoholism. Your death will not be in vain. I believe you are another angel that watches over all of those who loved you most. I will always think of you and have gratitude in my heart for each day I have on this earth. I honor you life, I will not forget and I will continue to walk this road. One day we will meet again in the sunlight of the spirit.

I love you,


Kelly said...

What a beautiful monument to your friend, Kates. Take care of yourself during this grieving time and be gentle with yourself.

Rest in Peace, Christina.

Jamie said...

I am so sorry for your loss, Katie. What a treasure to have had a friend that touches you in this way. What a gift to remember her with your beautiful words.

And welcome to Soul Coaching. May it be a wonder-full November.

Serena said...

I too am sorry for your loss.